Guidance & Instructions for our Little Star Cards

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The guidance from Little Star Cards will help you capture your ‘little stars’ achievements and record, enjoy and remember these precious first moments as the weeks and months go by.

Once your ‘little star’ has reached a development stage, birth anniversary or a special date occasion has arrived, write the date on the appropriate Little Star Card, in the space provided and place the card next to your baby.

Take a photograph to record the moment. Save or share your little stars achievements with family and friends via your social networks.

We’d love to see your ‘little star’ and add them to our gallery, if you tag your photo with #littlestarcards on Instagram, it will automatically be added to our gallery, alternatively please send any photos to

Be careful using flash photography around your baby, use natural light wherever possible. Little Star Cards are not meant to be a toy. When you are not using the cards store them in a safe place.

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